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I think that software is great!

Currently I am working on my second mobile app and creating stellar websites. I am looking to work with companies ready for a simple websites that will look great on mobile.

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Currently a hobby, soon to be more

My first game "Bug School: Learn Kindergarten Skills" was a big hit. With almost 10k downloads what started as a small collection of learning games I made for my daughter, turned into a tool parents around the world used to teach letters and numbers. Now I am at it again, any day might be my next big launch.

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Hard work makes things easy

From charging lime bikes to growing vegetables, there always seems to be an automation project on my mind. Check out some of my projects and drop me a line if you have an idea or a question.


Let's build something new!

3D design and printing rock, but I am only a hobbyist. My designs include shelve brackets, planters, and poultry waterers. At one point, I forged axes and knives, and have been kicking around the idea of setting up a forge.