Video Games

Learning has never been so fun

My parents can attest to the fact that I learned to spell 'circle' because it was in a video game cheat code. I forged a mages guild talisman out of old soda cans with my friends because we played games with realistic metallurgy. In recognition, I aim to deliver games with substance.

It was a big hit and will be upgraded. If you enjoy Bug School today you may have small issues with saves or freezes, but rest assured after my next app is out Bug School will be overhauled. I will be shifting my focus away from child education, but I am committed to making sure Bug School delivers world class learning for kindergarten learners. For all those Bug School fans out there, I'll see you at the relaunch.

My next title

If you know the name of my next game then you are probably my wife. I haven's shared much yet, but plan for it to be big! This game is going to be fun for all ages and will rock!